How I used User Research to kill a book idea

Building an app or writing a book — the fundamentals still hold true

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“You are not your user.”

Despite having preached this to several people, I failed to adhere to my advice recently.

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Help time-strapped working professionals learn something new by reading a book in a faster and effective way.

On the surface, it seems like a genuine problem. But there are a lot of underlying hypotheses behind it, and the big one is:

Working professionals preferred to read to learn new topics.

As a researcher, I always harp on the importance of speaking with customers to understand their needs and validate the assumptions before building a product. In this case, the book is the product.

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Lean Startup model for writing a book
Poll on LinkedIn and Facebook Groups
Slack poll in UX Designers group

So I was basically writing a book that pretty much no one wanted.

The reality check hurt, but it is essential. As a writer and a designer, I know the importance of killing my darlings. Or as Kevin O’Leary would say on Shark Tank It’s a stupid idea, it’s going to zero, take it behind the barn and shoot it.”

  • I have stopped over-thinking and started taking actions. In the past, I have mulled several ideas in the head but was stuck continuously in an analysis-paralysis loop. Now I realise the importance of taking action, any action.
  • I learnt how to use Substack. It’s really cool, and I look forward to using it again in future.
  • I learnt to create a quick book cover using Canva (even though I have no prior experience) and also getting the courage to share it with the world.
Book cover by Yours Truly

Always do your research first.

Off I go, till I spot the next shiny thing.

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