How to develop a sticky reading habit?

P.S: Some tips to get through a reader’s block

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1. Drop it like it’s hot

If I do not find the book interesting at any point in time, then I drop it and move on. This could be the first 20 pages (a good rule of thumb) or midway through a book. Being ok with not completing a book seems a small thing but initially, it was difficult to change years of conditioning and mindset. When I look back at my dry spells of not reading, one major reason was forcing myself to read things I don’t like.

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2. Theme based reading

This is something I have been experimenting in the past few months and works like a charm. At different points in life, certain topics pique my interest and I spend most of my time and energy on it. I went through phases of reading only about health & nutrition, spirituality, psychology or design. I devoured through books at an astonishing phase and reading never felt like a burden.


The reward that keeps you hooked to a regular reading habit is IMPLEMENTATION. There is no point in merely glossing over pages and accumulating words in your head. The brain expects a treat each time it does (or thinks it does) some hard-work.

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