Use Airtable to make Research Synthesis simpler

A How-To guide on using Airtable for better note-taking and sense-making for User Research

Source: Airtable website
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Excel, my dear! ⿳

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Color coded spreadsheet

Yay! Post-its. 📝

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Repo, Repo, Repo. 🕺🏼

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Airtable to the rescue 🦸🏼

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What is an Airtable?

Employee Details Table

Setting up an Airtable

Creating a new Base from Scratch
Customizing field type
List pre-defined tags here
Linking ‘tag’ field to a table.
Skip this popup for now
Adding options for Emotions field

Entering the data

Quotes entered in the table and tagged

Analysing the data

Group records by Tag.
Multiple Group By conditions



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