A How-To guide on using Airtable for better note-taking and sense-making for User Research

As User Researchers, we love when our participants open up and talk freely. But (sort of) despise it when we have to scour through mountains of quotes to make reconstruct a model of how humans think and what they do. …

Building an app or writing a book — the fundamentals still hold true

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A core tenet of being a User Experience Designer is,

“You are not your user.”

Despite having preached this to several people, I failed to adhere to my advice recently.

Three weeks back, I was mulling over some topics to write a blog post. I like to read, so why…

Having a clear outcome in mind makes reading more engaging and effective

“Books Bill Gates thinks you should read.”

“9 books Warren Buffet thinks you should read this year.”

“7 books Elon Musk thinks everyone should read.”

Each time I come across an article like that, I feel honoured. All these super successful, wealthy and intelligent people are taking the time to think about me!

I am sure you have seen such articles and listicles flooding social media posts and crying for attention. Heck! There are even…

Tips for reading effectively in the 21st century

Welcome to Get, Set, Read.

A newsletter dedicated to helping people to break bad reading patterns and start to enjoy reading.

I am , a User Experience Researcher by profession. …

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This is a thought I have been pondering on for the past few weeks after reading by Kim Scott. An ideal organisation is one where every employee thinks and acts in a way that is natural for them. …

P.S: Some tips to get through a reader’s block

Reading a book is a long-term commitment compared to scrolling through a news feed and liking stuff without even reading 140 characters completely. So it isn’t surprising that a lot of people don’t prefer reading books. …

Tips on being candid with yourself and your team

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Check out Part 1 of this post:

by Kim Scott has been on my to-read list for a long time. While the title piqued my curiosity, I kept thinking if it was one of those boring management books or lets-all-sit-down-and-hold-hands BS. But finally I did pick it up…

Terminal 4 in Singapore Changi airport has an automated baggage check-in and security check. Both of these processes are quite time-intensive, so automating them seem the ideal thing to do. …

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Recently I conducted some user interviews with young kids for a project. This was the first time I was interviewing kids, so I did have some apprehensions about it. But it went surprisingly well. …

In this article I will be comparing the microcopy of 2 music streaming apps. There are plethora of options out there but my personal favourites are Apple Music and Amazon Prime. I am based out of India and these two apps provide the best selection of regional songs.

Most of…

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